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Σελίδες 25 / 29 , Ταινία: 732 / 843

    Batman: Mask of the Phantasm
    The Nightmare Before Christmas
    Demolition Man
    Jurassic Park
    The Muppet Christmas Carol
    Batman Returns
    The Lawnmower Man
    Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country
    Highlander II: The Quickening
The Doctor
    Terminator 2: Judgment Day
    Rocky V
    Die Hard 2
    Tango & Cash
    Licence to Kill
    Star Trek V: The Final Frontier
    The Return of Swamp Thing
    Die Hard
    Rambo III
    The Living Daylights
    Superman IV: The Quest for Peace
    Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

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The Doctor

Πρώτη Προβολή: 1991 Αυγούστος 16, PG-13 , λέπτα: 122

Jack McKee is a doctor with it all: hes successful, hes rich, extremely self centred and he has no problems.... until he is diagnosed with throat cancer. Now that he has seen medicine, hospitals, and doctors from a patients perspective, he realises that there is more to being a doctor than surgery and prescriptions, and more to life than serving only his own needs.

Γλώσσα: English
Χώρα: USA
Βραβεία: 3 Υποψηφιότητες.
Βαθμολογία Imdb : 7.00
Ψηφοφορία Imdb: 4830
Κατηγορία: Drama
Περισσότερα στο imdb

Πρωταγονιστές: William Hurt , Christine Lahti , Elizabeth Perkins , Mandy Patinkin

Σκηνοθεσία: Randa Haines

Σεναριο: Ed Rosenbaum , Robert Caswell

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